Greetings! I'm Sir Guy. You may call me "my Lord of Gisburne". I've noticed an alarming number of Robin Hood sites on the Net. Wolfsheads have begun robbing people of their home pages! I realized that something had to be done about it or we'd have another Sherwood Forest on our hands! I needed a secret weapon...I needed ME! Therefore, I decided to invade this page so that closet Guy Groupies everywhere might have an outlaw-free haven to turn to. Feel free to explore my knightly domain. Just remember that the chivalric code is in effect and I will be collecting your taxes before you head back out the door!

Want to have more fun than a Norman trampling on cabbages? Want to meet fellow Groupies?
If you found yourself almost nodding to one or both questions, then you should infiltrate a Guy Chat!
Contact Sir Guy's secretary for all the gory details. Well, don't just stand there. Send an email already!

Some Links Outside of Sherwood


The Dungeon


Guard Application Form

Guard Duties

Laurel and Hardy

Guy Gallery

Knight Bites

Guy Glitches

The RoS Drinking Game

The RoS Castle Tour

Silver Arrow Reports

The Moose Report

Troubadour's Tales

News From Nottingham

For any wolfsheads who might have accidentally stumbled in here,
I have provided a few links back to Sherwood!

Are the links here just lousy? Perhaps you simply want to strike out on your
own to find information about Robin Hood or Robin of Sherwood? Well, just
type in whatever topic you'd like to search for below!:

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