Comic version (Martin Clunes)
Sixties Version (David McCallum)

Pretty version (Julian Sands)
Hollywood version (Leonardo DiCaprio)

NHL Version #1
NHL Version #2
NHL Version #3
Sergei Fedorov
Pavel Bure
Mats Sundin
Detroit Redwings
Vancouver Canucks
The Toronto Maple Leafs

Fennoswede Version
Napoleonic Wars Version
(Mats Långbacka)
(Sean Bean)

Rock Star Version
Swept up by the Tide Version
Theatrical Version
(Steven Mackintosh)
(Rupert Penry-Jones)

Dutch Version
Female Version
(Rutger Hauer)
(Martha Plimpton)

Formal Attire Version
Preppy Version
Gaston Leroux Version
(Simon Ward)
(Douglas Henshall)
(Teri Polo)

This isn't an Addie Look-alike image, but a DESPICABLE, HORRIFYING, DEPRAVED Gisburne travesty created by a very SICK man named Howard Pyle!!! If you are of a sensitive nature, you may not wish to view this...this monstrosity!!!

I did WARN you...

Oh, you thought that was bad? There's MORE!

And as if that wasn't bad enough, there's also this TERRIBLE image!


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