Although this hobgoblin serf, Puck, is my mortal enemy, he has one FANTASTIC page! Check it out!

Spirit of Sherwood


This is the website for the official Robin of Sherwood fanclub. It contains a lot of useful and interesting information and links.

Trail of Robin of Sherwood Facebook Page


Sadly, the Trail of Robin of Sherwood website is no more, but there is a Facebook page that provides information on resources related to Robin Hood and Robin of Sherwood. There are posts about places like The Robin Hood Experience and on retailers that sell RoS merchandise.

Ben Turner's Robin Hood Page


This page provides excellent information on the subject of Robin Hood! It is a VERY good resource. It also has a round of story-telling in Sherwood, YOU can participate in!

The Robin Hood Project


Considering the fact that I've made links to three pictures from this site (and now pilfered one!), I thought it was time I gave it a link! Enjoy! It's a wonderful page!

The Legend of Robin Hood


This is the official site for Richard Rutherford-Moore's book, The Legend of Robin Hood . Rutherford-Moore is a FANTASTIC tour guide in Nottingham, who really gets into the role! He knows his stuff and he has some fascinating things on his site, including "The Foresters of Sherwood AD 1200." Yes, this does contain important information about poaching laws!

A Little Tale of Robin Hood


This site provides a translation of The Litell Geste of Robyn Hode by Graham McLennan and it is another good resource for information on the legend of Robin Hood.


I never thought the day would come when I would do this,'s an actual link to an actual Michael Praed site! Considering the subject matter, its gallery is still VERY impressive! :)

The Robin of Sherwood Mailing Lists


If you're thinking of joining one or both of the existing RoS discussion lists, this site will give you all the information you need to subscribe!

The Mists of Time


Another new kid on the block, who has some UNIQUE goodies within her site, including Robin Hood: The Music Video! Great fun for BOTH Loxley and Huntington fans!!!


Which is your favourite ear...? Well, it's about time! The Net finally has a Will Scarlet site, and one that focuses on Ray Winstone! This page is *definitely* is worth visiting, especially if Scarlet is your favourite wolfshead. Opps! Did I really just say that...? :)


This site impressed me as soon as I saw it! The graphics are beautiful and it's very informative! You can learn about the background of the show, see the film locations and read about mythic elements from the series.


As some of you may have noticed, the Robin of Sherwood Webring has changed location! Come and visit the new place we call home!

The Sherwood Forest: Travels in the Greenwood WebRing


I probably shouldn't be supporting the competition like this, but there's another Robin Hood Webring out there!!! Watch your purses and guard your lives!!!

Memorable TV


Besides covering Robin of Sherwood (and most of the other Robin Hood TV productions), this comprehensive website provides information on classic TV shows from Britain, Australia, the U.S. and Canada. There are even articles, interviews, book reviews and DVD reviews.

Some Links Outside
of Sherwood

Have you lost all sense of decency and would like to link to my lord of Gisburne's page? Well, I've got two FABULOUS NEW banners thanks to Pam at Locksleyford. Don't feel you have to use them or anything. I mean, it doesn't bother me if you don't. I'm not the type to be bitter, or hold intense grudges for years and years...

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