Here's another excellent Robert Addie site! Not only does it have a filmography and photo gallery, but a biography section and forum. And from what I've heard, there's even more to come!

Lydia's Robert Addie Site


Woo hoo! It's BACK! Lydia has resurrected her wonderful website, so all Robert Addie fans can now rejoice! Definitely worth a visit whether it's your first time or you've surfed there before.

Jo's Robert Addie Fansite!


Jo has put a lot of hard work into this website - and it shows! With features like photoslides, Robert Addie quotes, fanart and fan memories, this page is definitely unique. Of course, it also contains the kind of information you would hope to find, such as a detailed biography and filmography. Be sure to visit this site!

Jo's Hooded Man 2014 Convention Report


Just as Jo put a lot of hard work into her Robert Addie website, she also crammed her report full of wonderful details, funny anecdotes and awesome photos. This truly is the BEST con report I've ever read because Jo not only covers the con itself, but the months leading up to it, the side trips she took afterwards to other RoS-related locations, including Cirencester and Robert Addie's memorial tree. If you're an RoS fan to any degree, this is most definitely worth reading!

Stuart Allen Blog: Robert Addie and Hamlet


Stuart Allen provides a wonderful account of the day he spent at the Forest of Dean College of Theatre photographing actors from the production of Hamlet Robert Addie directed. This entry is well worth reading - as is the entire blog, of course. I highly recommend it, especially if you have an interest in theatre, music or photography in general.

Internet Movie Database: Robert Addie


This listing at the IMDB provides biographical information on Robert Addie and a full listing of his film and TV credits.

Stalky & Company


Ti-ra-la-la-i-tu! I gloat! Hear me! If I ever called you a doggeroo, I apologize, but you really must visit this page, reader deah! While we may never see Mr. Addie's performance as Arthur "Stalky" Corkran, we can at least read the glorious text from whence it came! Here's a GREAT selection of Kipling's wonderful stories!

The Bodger & Grift Page


Presenting... the the "two strangest Medieval guards on the net!" This page has Medieval pick-up lines and several other useful tips. It even has "Ask Grift." Now why does that sound familiar...?


It's the STRANGE and WONDROUS Domain of my lord of Gisburne's NEW Captain of the Guards, Verimnaard!!! If I could describe it...I certainly would...If nothing else, I'm pretty sure that it's free from the TERRIBLE curse of... .).!!!

Guy Gals with Pages!!!

Bippy's Main Collage Page


Karen has designed BEAUTIFUL collages using images of Adam Storke, Richard E. Grant, Ewan McGregor, James Marsters and, of course, Robert Addie and *drumroll* the MEN OF SHERWOOD!!! It's a real feast for the eyes!

Anne-Marie's Homepage


Anne-Marie is Complementary Health Practitioner and her site includes such topics as healing, books, spiritual awareness. She also has a list of her favourite things...I think you can guess what one of them is! *g*

Secretary's Links


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