I'm looking to recruit some new guards. The hours are hell, the pay lousy and
the benefits non-existent, which is why I'm anticipating an enthusiastic response. For
those of you who have what it takes, there is but a simple form you need to fill out.

Keep in mind that I'll be posting some of the more favourable results. If you
provide me with the best application, you could be the next captain of the guards!

The following information will remain confidential. If I publish your results,
you'll be issued with a number and allowed to keep your less truthful age. However,
unless you're Canadian, I'm going to include your nationality...Just kidding!

Name (Not that I am going to remember it):
Email Address:
My favourite past-time is:
If confronted by wolfsheads, I would:
My best trait is that:
The wolfshead I would like to arrest most:
Reason(s) why I picked this cutthroat:
Who is your favourite knight (besides the obvious choice)
Reason(s) why I picked this knight:
Reason(s) why I am expendable:
Why I respect Sir Guy and would willingly serve him:
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