Richard Carpenter has often compared Gisburne and the Sheriff to Laurel and Hardy,
describing this bizarre duo as a Medieval comedy team. With Gisburne as his hapless
straight man, the Sheriff has produced some memorable and HUMOUROUS lines!

~ The Witch of Elsdon ~
SHERIFF: What a paragon of virtue you are, Gisburne. I'm really most impressed. If she'd tried to bewitch me, I think I'd have been inclined to let her. I'll have to be careful in the future. GISBURNE: Careful, my lord? SHERIFF: Of you, Gisburne. Especially when you don't get what you want. GISBURNE: I don't understand. The woman is a witch. SHERIFF: Yes, of course she is. And a very pretty witch too.
SHERIFF: What a worrier you are, Gisburne! You must learn patience if you're ever to take service with me. And tact -- you're very short on tact. GISBURNE: I believe in action, my lord. SHERIFF: Ah yes, action: the eternal excuse for not stopping to think.
~ Seven Poor Knights From Acre ~
GISBURNE: My lord, I must protest- SHERIFF: Really, Gisburne? I'd rather you didn't.
~ Alan a Dale ~
SHERIFF: Baron de Bracy's son-in-law! Why in Heaven's name did I agree to be united in the unholy bonds of matrimony with a pansy-faced sixteen-year-old virgin? Is it worth the money, Gisburne? Is it possibly worth a thousand marks? Why don't you answer? GISBURNE: I assumed the question was rhetorical, my lord. SHERIFF: Never assume anything, Gisburne, except an occasional air of intelligence.
GISBURNE: And when will the ceremony take place, my lord? SHERIFF: When I'm drunk enough to go through with it!
SHERIFF: Gisburne, stop playing around in the mud and come up here! You look like decaying dung! Keep down wind of me for the love of Christ! Where is the baron? And where are your men? GISBURNE: The baron was wounded in a tournament, my lord. He's taken to his bed. SHERIFF: And your men, Gisburne? Have they taken to their beds as well?
~ The Children of Israel ~
SHERIFF: Gisburne! GISBURNE: My lord -- I thought! I thought...! SHERIFF: You thought, did you, Gisburne? What a pity I wasn't here! When did you have this thought of yours? While I was in London, or more recently? Surely such an earth-shattering event would linger in the memory.
GISBURNE: But my lord--! SHERIFF: But! Yes, you're the butt of everyone in Nottingham, aren't you? GISBURNE: You insult me! SHERIFF: I do. And will continue to do so as long as you give me cause.
~ The Enchantment ~
SHERIFF: Where are they? And where's Ralph? GISBURNE: He's dead, my lord. He fell. SHERIFF: Fell? How careless! Where are the jewels? GISBURNE: I don't know how to tell you this, my lord... SHERIFF: I'm sure you'll find a way. You usually do. They weren't there were they? A wild goose chase and a dead duck! GISBURNE: They were there, my lord. The jewels were there... SHERIFF: Then where are they now? GISBURNE: The Baron has them. The Baron de Belleme... SHERIFF: He's dead! GISBURNE: I KNOW!
~ Herne's Son, Part I ~
GISBURNE: I'll track them down. However long it takes. And the man who rescued them. SHERIFF: Of course you will, Gisburne. I've enormous faith in your abilities. HUGO: Hah!
~ Herne's Son, Part II ~
GISBURNE: This morning I remembered where I had seen the animal before. I never forget a horse. SHERIFF: I'm sure you don't.
~ Adam Bell ~
SHERIFF: What are you snickering about, Gisburne? Are you laughing at me? GISBURNE: No, my lord but I thought.... SHERIFF: Thatīs the trouble, Gisburne. You thought...
SHERIFF: One hundred gold marks exactly. GISBURNE: I did count it, my lord. SHERIFF: I know, Gisburne, but one can never be too sure. GISBURNE: My lord, are you questioning my -- SHERIFF: Your honour? No, no, no, no, just your ability to count.

I took the Gisburne photo and at least a few of these quotes from the Robin of Sherwood . For more classic ROS quotes pay a visit to this page! The Sheriff picture was shamelessly stolen from the Robin of Sherwood section at Wendy's Shack.

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