Oh, if there's one thing rarer than Guy pics on the Net, it's sounds! Well, not any more thanks to the WISE and NOBLE Puck ! Sure, he's a wolfshead, but the man knows how to make sounds! He also writes some pretty HILARIOUS descriptions, many of which I've kept!

The sound game is pretty straighforward if you have the right...computer thingies (and please DON'T ask me what they are!). Anyway, to listen to a sound just click on one of the links. To save a sound (at least on my computer) click the right hand button of your mouse. It should give you some kind of "save as" option. Now, if you already have a folder of ROS sounds, perfect! If not...make one!

This is Sir Guy of Gisbone...

What's your name, serf?

Feet first...

Guy is interested in the feelings of others

Guy's true love

Sweet words from Sir Guy (Perfect for the romantic in you.)

Climbing the ladder of success!

Falling off that ladder...

Guy trains his soldiers well

Guy manages to keep a sense of humour about his work

A few words of praise from Errol Flynn

Would you like to hear some more RoS sounds? Robin of Sherwood has quite an EXTENSIVE collection!

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