Want to make those episodes of RoS just a little more interesting? Maybe youíre trying to convert a would-be fan, or you need a new party trick...Well, hereís the perfect game for you!

Now this could be dangerous if it fell into the wrong hands, so be careful who you share it with! There are also people who donít hold their liquor as well as they could...Therefore, Iíve divided the game into four different levels. If youíre feeling adventurous, indulge in all four rounds!

Merry Round

The outlaws are dining on venison. Take a sip. C

If Nasir raises an eyebrow (like when *doesn't* he?!), take a sip, belt or whatever. C

If Will glares at someone, take a sip and get ready to be really drunk in half an hour. M

Scarlet mentions "pigs". Take a sip D

Gisburne called someone a serf. Take a sip. C

Someone shoots a flaming arrow. Take a sip G

Someone falls into/lands in water, take a sip G

If Nasir throws his dagger...take a drink. A

If he hits the target...take a drink. A

If he retrieves it afterwards...take a drink. A

If Little John retrieves it...take two drinks. A

Outlaws sneaking into the castle - have a drink :) K

Tipsy Round

Much is keeping watch...again. Take two sips, belts or whatever. C

Gizzy sulking - have a drink K

Gizzy called incompetent - have a drink :) K

Every time someone gets thrown in jail and meets the old man and "Arthur," take 2 sips... L

Every time you see Nasir poking a stick in the fire take two sips (It seems to be one of his favourite past-times...) R

If Much is taken hostage by the Sheriff, take two sips. M

Will dropped another "h" on a word. Take a sip. If it's a sentence with more than two words beginning with "h," take two sips. C

If John kisses the top of anyone's head, take two sips, belts or whatever. C

Scarlet threatened someone. Take a sip, belt or whatever. If he threatens a particular body part (i.e. which is your favourite ear?), take three sips, belts or whatever. C

Tuck calls Marian "Little flower". Take 3 shots. ?

Someone has just been possessed. Take two sips, belts or whatever. C

If the camera goes soft focus on a female love interest, check with someone more sober then you that it really happened and take three sips. M

If Herne is seen walking around without the stag head, take three sips, belts or whatever. C

Herne said "mote". Take three sips. C

If Tuck sits on someone (Hey, it happens!) take three sips, belts or whatever. C

Legless Round

One of the Merries says something to the effect of "How many times have I told you, you can't get into Nottingham castle." ("Get into Nottingham Castle? Impossible." "In maybe, out -- never.") Take 4 sips. P

Loxley's hair has lost that perfect, blow-dried look. Take four sips! (Puck is responsible for this one!) C

Whenever the Crazy old man says "Feet first" or "Feet first. It's the only way out of here" have a good old fashioned Bavaria -- Dutch beer, if you need ask. There's this comerecial here. People do something and then it's "Now first a Bavaria" F

The outlaws go to any other village but Wickham. Take four sips, belts or whatever. C

Much is in a fight and has to be helped out one of the others. Take 4 shots ?

The sheriff's soldiers accidentally kill another soldier. Take 4 shots. ?

If you see Marion riding that horse that looks suspiciously like Fury (black with little white spot on its head), take four sips, belts or whatever. C

If the Sheriff's mad staring eyes scare you, drink a few tequila shots for courage. M

Gisburne isn't wearing something blue. He obviously isn't a bride and you're entitled to four sips, belts or whatever. C

If Nasir says his full name to anyone, find a translator and then take five sips, belts or whatever. C

Take 4 sips every time you wish Michael Praed never left the series. P

Pickled Round

A guard was shot. Take a sip. If seven or eight were shot, take a sip for each one that fell. C

Take 7 sips if Clannad sings "Robin" anywhere outside of the opening or ending credits. P

If Much is treated like a comedy sidekick, drink a triple vodka in one. (Come on! Robin Hood and the Sorcerer. The whole Marion shouting at Much, and he turning just in time to knock the guard out with his staff. He's a comedy sidekick!) M

If the Sheriff actually praises something Gisburne said, rewind the tape, watch the footage again and then take seven sips, belts or whatever. C

Some kid yells "Father, father! Soldiers! Soldiers!" take 6 sips. P

Drink a whole beer if you don't find that kid annoying. P

Drink a whole beer if you see Much with the outlaws when he's supposed to be the Sheriff's prisoner. P

If Much is taken hostage by anyone else but the Sheriff, take a bottle of beer. (Much was always caught by the same people. Doesn't he ever learn?) M

If they get into Nottingham Castle within 5 minutes, take 3 sips. If it takes between 6 and 15 minutes, take 5 sips. After that, 10 sips. P

If Will mentions any other colour BUT scarlet, treat yourself to half a bottle of...whatever. C

If they fail to get into Nottingham Castle (and out safely) in that episode, take a whole beer. (And check to see if you fell asleep somewhere during the programme.) P

Nasir speaks - Woah! Where's that 18 year old malt? K

Modification of the Nasir rule. Take 5 sips for every word Nasir says. (Watching the "Sheriff of Nottingham" might not be the wisest of plans.) P

Blood was actually seen when someone was wounded! Get the keys for the liquor cabinet! C

Take a whole beer if the episode is "The Pretender", "The Betrayal" or "Cromm Cruach". Trust me...You'll enjoy the show more that way. P

Drink a six pack anytime Martin or James has a line of dialogue. P

If you ever wish you were watching Prince of Thieves or New Adventures instead, set your bottle down for the night and hand your car keys to anyone who is still sober. P


A: AzizalSaqr
C: Claire
D: Doo
G: GDk
F: Flora
LA: Lynne
K: Kirsty
M: Marie
P: Puck
?: Anonymous
R: Rina