Why is it so dark? Because of the lack of light, you git! If you have the privilege of being a prisoner here, you'd better hope you have some friends who are willing to rescue you. If you or any of your friends can convince me that you have a fool-proof escape plan, then I shall have to set you free. I probably won't have much choice anyway, as you'll have tied me up or knocked me unconscious by then. Perhaps you've succeeded already and I'm in that state at the moment. Maybe you're on my hit list and I'm heading off to arrest you now!!

Crazy old man             Arthur the rat 
Lady Em (twice over) Lady Martina
Flynne Bondolini Laurion
Lady Morrighan of Traherne
Anonymous Darkscorpion
The person who said that their personal grudge against Gisburne and the Sheriff was the following: "Gisburne ate my hamster while the Sheriff watched and egged him on."
Jim Dick kitty
Scarlett1973 Usual Suspect
Aillean Jessica
DonKaidi Sasha (Roger Bray)
Nasem Rebecca
Kesia Finnigan
Guard #221b Dominic (arrested for insulting the Abbot and allegedly kidnapping his own mother)
Guard #82.8 Riff
Elaina Jake
Shakeela Olga
Does it look like I'm gonna tell you?
Hester Jill o' the Wisp
Robin of Sherwood * Guard #XIII
Guard #6822 Winnie [* WOO HOO!]

My lord of Gisburne will have his revenge! Emerald Leeves stuck a nice big dagger in his back and escaped while doing so!:

As Sir Guy of Gisburne promised, the Lady Emerald Leeves was allowed out of the dungeon to be used as bait for the wolfsheads. She was sent into Sherwood Forest with Sir Guy and his soldiers following behind at a "safe" distance. At the designated sign from Sir Guy, she began to run and call for help while two soldiers "chased" after her.

Suddenly, the soldiers were knocked off their horses by a rope stretched between two trees. The outlaws, led by Robert, appeared with their bows at the ready.

"Surely you have better things to be doing than chasing defenseless ladies, Gisburne," Robert said, smiling mockingly at the furious knight.

"Yes, Gisburne. You don't want another arrow in the back, do you?" Marion said from behind him.

Little John held his quarterstaff aloft and Will Scarlet brandished his sword as Nasir stepped between the lady and Gisburne, his bow notched. Admitting defeat, Gisburne and his soldiers retreated back to Nottingham, wearing their usual mantle of failure.

*** The Lady Emerald Leeves was well cared for by the outlaws until she was returned to her betrothed in London.

Malik escaped using the following flimsy plan. I still don't buy it, Rina, but as I wasn't there at the time I'll take your word for it! *VBG*:

*mutters some horrible tortures she is planning to execute on Verimnaard while on her way to the dungeon*

Just typical. Everything is going perfect: Ariana and Ah-choo are finally married, they are about to search for Ruth's mom, then this oelewapper shows up, turns the world upside down and he runs off again.

*Rina smiles sweetly at the two guards hanging around, supposedly guarding the prison.*

Hi there, lads, see what I've got. Some nice bottles of ale from the finest brewerie in Lichfield.

*The guards greedily grab for the bottles and start drinking while Rina searches the dungeon*

Malik, where are you? Hmm, that's not English.

* Rina opens the prison, helps Malik climb out and together they walk out of the dungeon. When they're safely outside the castle, they head for the forest.*

Guess who left the ladder out and the door open? AAARRRGGGHHHH!!! After Rina's "visit," Anthony and Igrayne also escaped!:

Anthony wakes to a feminine voice saying "Malik, hurry up". Anthony rolled over and went back to sleep, dreaming of when he and Malik and the Duchess will be out of the dungeon.

He awoke to the Duchess screaming and yelling.

"Wake up you dolthead."

"Huh," Anthony said as he opened his eyes.

"I hope your idiotic plan didn't depend on Malik because he's gone.."

"Gone?" Anthony asked, and sure enough they were alone. Anthony went to the place where the ladder was tosssed down from above and could see it was hanging halfway down. Malik had not completely forgotten them. My lady, if I put you on my shoulder, do you think you could reach that ladder?"

"Pardon me?"

"I'm sorry my lady, I realize this is a breech of etiquette, but I have no other ideas."

"What if the guards are up there?"

"We won't know until we try." Anthony hoisted the Duchess onto his shoulders and she pulled the ladder down. He scrambled up first to find the guards still drowsey from Rina's gift. Quickly and quietly they snuck out of the dungeon and into the main part of the castle.

"My lady, I hope you are somewhat familiar with this place, that you can get us the rest of the way out.."

Igrayne nodded as soon as Anthony had said this, a pleased smile upon her face. She looked about the open halls of the castle, leaning forward towards Anthony.

"My husband and I have feasted here many times. I could easily find our way out."

Igrayne lead Anthony through the dark, torch-lit halls, beneath the shadows and hidden away from view. The sound of footsteps upon the stone was heard in the distance, gradually becoming closer and closer as they drifted on wearily through the long, winding halls that seemed as if they were a maze. Igrayne quickly stepped into a darkened alcove, pulling Anthony alongside her by his jerkin and holding a hand to his mouth to prevent him from screaming. The sound of speaking grew evident as the footsteps neared where they were hidden.

"My Lord, they're gone..."

"Gone?! Must I do everything myself? Find them you dolt! Bring them back to me!" This was Sir Guy of Gisburne's voice, low and booming.

Igrayne and Anthony disappeared beneath the shadows as the men passed by them, their hearts both beating quickly with fear. What would happen should they be discovered? What would Sir Guy do to them? As soon as the footsteps disappeared, Igrayne let out a sigh of relief and stepped out of the alcove, Anthony following behind her. Igrayne breathed a sigh of relief.

"Thank goodness...Sir Guy is gone."

No sooner had this been said than Igrayne and Anthony rounded a corner and ran right into Sir Guy, stumbling backwards a bit. Igrayne's eyes widened in fear and her hands trembled. She fell backwards against Anthony, who caught her in his arms. Sir Guy was unamused, as usual. His lower lip was curled in a sneer and his eyes were narrowed at the two.

"Sorry, my lady, you are on you own now. See ya around!" Anthony said, dropping the duchess on the floor. Anthony turned and Sir Guy began yelling.. "Stop! Don't let that priest, monk or whatever he is out of here!" Sir Guy turned right and right and then left and stumbled out of the castle into the blinding light where two gaurds were waiting for him.

"Where you going in such a hurry?" they asked but Anthony knocked them both over and kept running right into the forest.

Igrayne, who was left back in the hall by Sir Guy, began to sob, angry and confused as to why Anthony had left her on her own in her time of need. And then, wiping her eyes, Igrayne picked up the edges of her skirts, running through the hallway and down a dark stone staircase, panting. Her golden hair flew out behind her as the wind rushed at her face from the open windows in the small, spiraling tower. Her footsteps echoed upon the cold stone floor, and then...She reached the end of the staircase and ran out into the open. Sunlight streamed down upon her, and Igrayne smiled, closing her eyes and tilting her face up to catch some of the rays that were cast down upon her. And then, a hand seized her from behind, spinning her around. It was Sir Guy and he looked rather infuriated. Igrayne gasped and withdrew a little, but Guy's hold on her arm only tightened.

" So...trying to escape again?" Sir Guy said, the anger rising in his voice. And he raised his shielded hand up into the air, as though her were going to strike her. Igrayne turned her face away...


Guard #95B grabs Igrayne's arm and urges her to stand up.

"Quickly, my lady, hurry! Before he wakes up..."

Igrayne nods to the man quickly, turns, and runs straight for Sherwood forest, her golden tresses shining in the beautiful sunlight. As she reaches the entrance to the forest, she stops short and listens. Her heart thumps within her chest. And there appear to be voices coming from somewhere within the forest. Igrayne proceeds beneath the canopy of the trees, cautiously...

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