I created this fan fiction page for stories with a
distinct Gisburne flavour. Originally, I
welcomed submissions, but this now appears
to be Rusty Armour's territory and I think I'll
keep it that way.

However, if you've written some RoS fanfic (with
or without Gisburne), you could always send it to the
Robin of Sherwood Fanfic Archive. You'll find a link
to the site below

As always, Rusty and I (and even Sir Guy)
welcome your comments - especially praise
because we're vain and we like it!


All of the stories on this page are based
on Richard Carpenter's series Robin of Sherwood.
Most of the characters are the property of
Richard Carpenter, Robin May, Anthony Horowitz
and the ROS production team.

Anyone who attempts to borrow, steal, or copy
sections from any of this material will
meet with worse fates than any of the
characters in these stories.

Now, on to said stories...

The Reckoning

By: Rusty Armour

A woman's thirst for vengeance could prove deadly
when she unleashes a terrible curse.

The Last Squire

By: Rusty Armour

Gisburne is catapulted into adventure when he tries to hunt down a
vagabond and meets up with an old questing knight instead.

The Knight's Charges

By: Rusty Armour

Gisburne faces his biggest challenge since the wolfsheads!
Will he get through it with his head intact?

Silent Knight

By: Rusty Armour

Gisburne tells the tale of his first Christmas
in Nottingham...Be afraid. Be very afraid. *g*

The Varlet

By: Rusty Armour

Gisburne and that wolfshead must join
forces when a new outlaw in town threatens the
popularity of Robin Hood and his Not-So-Merry Band!

Children of the Wheel II

By: Rusty Armour

Margaret is back and, unlike her counterpart,
she doesn't get into trouble: she creates it.
N.B. This story is incomplete and will probably remain so.

Robin Hood and the Sheriff's Mother

By: Rusty Armour

When the Sheriff's mother decides to pay her
son a visit, chaos ensues in both Nottingham
and Sherwood!

Children of the Wheel

By: Rusty Armour

When Robin causes Rhiannon's Wheel to turn, he is
thrust into another time where Guy of Huntington
exists instead of Guy of Gisburne...