In May 1996 I finally made it to Britain! I spent over a month there and, during that time, I had the opportunity to visit Northumberland and some of its sites, including Alnwick and Bamburgh Castle.

As many Robin of Sherwood fans know, these castles were film locations for Nottingham Castle and Belleme Castle respectively. With my travelling companion by my side, I scoured these castles for any familiar glimpses from the show. I believe I found some!

The photos you see were taken by my travelling companion and I (the nicer ones are hers!). In case you're wondering who this mysterious travelling companion is, I've chosen to protect her identity. As I was born ten days late and forced her to suffer a long, painful labour (not to mention all those temper tantrums!), I suppose she deserves some respect.

Well, I hope you enjoy this little tour. I know I did!

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