~ September 6, 2010 ~

Holy Herne. How sad is that. Almost four years since the last "update". Well, this isn't much of an update either. I've just been doing a bit of tidying. I managed to delete some dead links. I also deleted The Top Ten Incompetency List because I don't think it had been updated since 2005. It seemed stupid to keep it. And, as I'm I'm supremely lazy, I just replaced the link in my index table with Some Links Outside of Sherwood.

~ September 6, 2010 ~

This site has moved. Again. One or two of you might have noticed.

~ November 9, 2008 ~

By the looks of things, nothing much is new: I'm still as pathetic as ever! For one thing, I've known for months that Guard Application and Sherwood Recruitment Office forms haven't been working and, yet, I've only just gotten around to fixing them. I owe a huge apology to anyone who has tried to fill out either of these forms in the last several months. If you have the time or the patience, please try again. In future, I'll make an effort to test these forms on a more regular basis.

~ March 24, 2007 ~

Yes, it's official. I'm the most pathetic site owner ever. Not only have I neglected to complete (or even start) the new section on Chepstow Castle for the RoS Castle Tour, but I've waited more than a year to do any real updating! And this update is so tiny that you'd need a cyber microscope to see it! However, an update is still an update, and a year is better than two. *g*

I have to confess that this mini update is due entirely to the lovely Joanna, who was awesome enough to send me two suggestions (Simon Ward and Douglas Henshall) for the Addie Lookalikes section -- not to mention the pictures to go with them! :-) So...as I was going in to add these most recent lookalikes anyway, I thought I might as well do a bit more tinkering. Therefore, I added six Live Journal icons (designed by our own Rusty Armour) to the Guy Gallery. I've also added links to the first four parts of Rusty's Stargate Atlantis WIP in the Rusty's Other Fic section. Uh, this last piece of news probably isn't as exciting for most people. However, with an update this small, I've got to make the most out of every little thing.

For the next update, I might have a complete section on Chepstow Castle for the RoS Castle Tour, but I wouldn't count on it. I'll probably have just fixed some broken links and added more Rusty Armour stories.

~ January 15, 2006 ~

I know. I'm shocked too. After almost two and a half years, I'm doing a real-honest-to-goodness-update. Instead of just processing Guard Applications, posting "Save Enterprise" bulletins and adding new links to the "Rusty's Other Fic" section, I've actually done some real work! I'm afraid this is what happens when you fix a broken counter…

Some of you may have noticed the new title banner on the way in. Pretty cool, eh? It (along with a couple of other new banners) is courtesy of the WONDERFUL Cooltext.com. I also posted information about a NEW RoS script called Robin of Sherwood: The Reward. Then, as if that isn't enough, I finally updated the Top Ten Incompetency List, added some new pictures to the Guy Gallery, and posted "The Reckoning" (an RoS story that Rusty wrote for a zine that was never published) at Troubadour's Tales.

I've been promising this since my SA 2003 report, but I'm hoping to include a new section on Chepstow Castle at the RoS Castle Tour in the next few weeks if possible. Otherwise, I'll be seeing you in another couple of years. *g*

~ September 20, 2003 ~

Finished con report. Tired. Must sleep now.

~ June 12, 2003 ~

Herne almighty! I can't believe how LONG it's been since I did an update! *Bows head in DEEP, DEEP shame* Well, I'm afraid that this isn't my most spectacular update ever. I've posted my Silver Arrow 2003 photos and added two pics to the Guy Gallery - a con photo from SA2000 and a new one from SA2003.

I'll eventually be posting a con report. I'm not going to make any promises as to when, considering how many times I seem to break my word concerning...a fic I won't mention. Maybe there will be a new part for that one day too... *g*

~ November 3, 2002 ~

Yes, another update in just over two months! Will miracles never cease, eh? *g* I've decided to post Rusty Armour's story, "The Last Squire," because I'm not really sure when the next part of COTW2 will be done. Realistically, it might not be until January...

*Ducks as various objects are thrown in her direction* I know! I know! Just read "The Last Squire," okay?

~ September 2, 2002 ~

Okay, I'm going to make this short because it's late, I'm tired, and I want to get back to my slash. *g* So where should I start...? OH! OH! OH! There's, like, a new part of COTW2! it was a LONG time coming, but Part 12 has FINALLY been posted! Rusty hopes that Part 13 will be written a little quicker...I wouldn't hold your breath!

Right. New fic. Disparaging remarks about Rusty Armour. Uh, uh...I've fixed some broken links! I've now got the correct links for Sebastyin and Lucinda's Parlour, Tonica's World, and Gisaku, which has now become "Ink Under the Skin". Oh! And I fixed the link to Lydia's Guy Gallery (at the Guy Gallery) and added a link to her, uh... *Lowers voice* Guy and Sheriff Bathtub Gallery. *Raises voice* Definitely worth a visit! Oh, yeah! *g*

~ July 4, 2002 ~

Again, not much new in Update Land...As Beyond the Blade seems to be down for good, I've decided to archive my little report about meeting Mark Ryan. I know this is a Gisburne site, but the article is RoS-y, and, well, dammit! I did spend some time writing the thing even...if it doesn't read that way! *g* Anywaaaaay, you can find it under the link Moose Report.

A friend of mine suggested that I add page numbers to the Silver Arrow Con Report, so I've added a scroll bar for easier access. However, adding a scroll bar to the con report wasn't enough for me. Oh, no! I caught Scroll Bar fever and added one to the RoS Castle Tour aussi! I'm a sick, sick puppy and I need HELP!

*Clearing throat* Right. That's about it. For anyone who might vaguely recall a story called, uh...Children of the Wheel II, I'm almost happy to tell you that Rusty is working on the next part and is determined to finish the *loud, beeping noise* thing. I realize that Rusty's been making this same promise for the last, oh...two or three years, at least, but I really think that this could be the year he manages this astounding feat...REALLY! *g*

~ May 12, 2002 ~

This is really more of a mini-update, an update that's long overdue! Well, first off, I'm sure many of you will have noticed all the DVD information on the main page, so I won't really go into that. However, I've only just added a link to the official Silver Arrow 2003 site, so you should definitely check that out! It's on the main page too. You can't miss it!

It's been a while but I've finally added a new story to Troubadour's Tales. No, it's not the next part of COTW2, though I hope to bring that to you soon...ish. This is a short comedy piece called "The Knight's Charges". I've also added a new story to the Rusty's "Other Fic" section since I'm sure you all love coming to a Robin of Sherwood site to read fic from other fandoms! *g*

On a sadder note, I've decided to shut down the Dungeon Message Board. I could go into the reasons here, but as I'm hungry and want my supper I'll just lead you to the little memo I wrote on the subject.

Uh...besides what you see above, not much else is new. New guards have come and some have, er...died. Like I said, nothing else really new! *g*